Wanted – Agent For A Superstar

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Now I am a huge Radio and TV Superstar I totes need an agent to like: book me to open supermarkets with giant scissors, send signed photos to my zillions of fans, beat up my stalkers, send my panties to football quarterbacks who I might want to marry, post cool stuff on my Facebook timeline to make me look cool, ensure I have a supply of sunglasses at all times, wash my wet bed sheets, go out and buy me weed and stuff and feed my cat….because now I am going to be totally busy doing superstar things and I don’t have time for little people shit…

Anyone wishing to apply for the post should like write to my agent….Which is you…So once you have checked through your full application you can call me and shit and just give me a summary of it cus I am a busy superstar….

Love from Trixie ‘DJ Puddles’  ((TrixieBelladonna Resident))


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