Artist Looking For Subjects For HONY Inspired Art Project

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An art project inspired by HONY (Humans Of New York) will be undertaken by aspiring artist and photographer Jayda Ferrentino. The project, where the theme is Organic Processes, will be part of an upcoming event in the Shen Art Gallery where it will be showcased as an exhibit. The project hopes to capture subjects in the city looking at things such as love, friendship, family, nature, birth, etc in particular.

Like HONY, the pieces will include a statement  and a photograph of the subject. The artist is particularly interested in photographing couples, friends, children of gang members, gang members and yes, even cops.

If you are interested in being in the project and wouldn’t mind being featured in the exhibition please contact Jayda Ferrentino on this number: *****  ((IM Jayda Ferrentino))

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