Prison Pen Pal Program Needs Volunteers!

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Calling all CU Students and warm hearts in Hathian: Take ten minutes to save a life!

Pick up your favorite Sharpie and join the Prison Pen Pal Program!

A letter from you can spell the difference between an unmarked grave and a life of abundance. Think you’ve heard it before? Think again. This isn’t about sending laptops to Uganda or raising houses for hurricane victims.

This is right here at home, in one of the highest centers of per capita poverty in America, and it needs you. Yes, you! Your life may seem like it’s creeping by on society’s margins or on track for a distant dream, but you can make a difference right now. You not only can matter – you do matter!

This is the instant when you decide whether to inspire hope in the hopeless or to step aside while another human being needs your help. Here’s how you can lend that all-important hand:

Contact Jessi Rembrandt, Columtreal Cheerleader at 555-1212. She and her Pen Pal Posse will set you up with a convict who’s reaching out from the silence of the correctional system here in Hathian. Then you just pen a letter of introduction and we send it on.

(( ))

It’s simple as signing your name. And it’s completely safe! You can preserve your anonymity, all the way up to the gala event that will celebrate your charity: The Prison Pen Pal Prom.

Our lavish Prom will be held on April 24, 2pm, at the Columtreal Gym. You’ll enjoy music, Gein Burger catering and HPD armed security as you meet your Pen Pal for a night to remember!

Don’t wait and don’t doubt your importance: You have a story to share with a person cut off from from the public. That story can bring them a happy ending.

Write or call Jessi Rembrandt now!

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