Criminal Wanted After Robbery At Shen Art Gallery

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The gallery is located in Vodou, one block east of Lou's.

On February 28, 2014, Syn Rosa was arrested after robbing Shen Art Gallery. Rosa and her accomplice, who goes by the name of Harlequin, jumped gallery owner, Inara Shen, and held her hostage.

They dragged Shen to the gallery where Linda, a sales worker, and Louis Desjarden, the security guard, were working. They immediately knew something was wrong when they realized that Shen was held hostage by the two masked women. Linda pressed the silent alarm while Desjarden pulled out his bat to try and attempt to fend them off.

Shen was beaten and knocked to the ground. Desjarden, who was defending Shen, attacked the intruders. In the midst of the chaos, however, Louis Desjarden was murdered right in front of Shen and Linda. Desjarden had been working at the gallery since it opened, making the loss even more devastating for the business owner.

The thieves tried to make a run for it as Officer Zipporah Said entered the scene. Rosa, who had a knife to Shen’s throat while on the floor, told the officer to drop her gun or she’d slit her throat. Said ended up shooting Rosa, causing her to go unconscious. She was arrested shortly after.

Rosa’s accomplice, Harlequin, escaped with two hundred thousand worth of merchandise and is still at large.  Shen stated that she was “uncertain that the gallery can sustain itself after this,” especially since the death of her former employee, Louis Desjarden.

Detective Moonshadow, who spoke on behalf of the HPD, stated that she would “appeal for anyone with information to come forward”, explaining that “this clearly is the work of a violent and dangerous criminal and we need to keep them off the streets”.

Shen is offering a two thousand dollar reward for any information you might have. If you know anything pertaining to this case, please contact the HPD immediately!


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