Ellis Millet Brutally Attacks, Kidnaps Gein Burger Manager

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On Saturday September 7th, an APB was issued out for Ellis Millet, 38, regarding the alleged kidnapping and aggravated assault of Kirvi Caspian. According to the police reports, Millet and Caspian were discussing their unborn child in the park, eventually escalating into a shouting match.

Driven into a fit of rage, Millet choked, beat, and then kidnapped her and took her to an unknown location.  Before abandoning the scene he slashed her wrists in an attempt to make it look self-inflicted. Millet was reprehended on Sunday evening as he stood around the corner from The Gein Burger after Caspian alerted the HPD to his whereabouts.

Millet, who is still on parole after his stint in Harvey Federal Institution for first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder, might be serving his full time in the Louisiana State Penitentiary due to parole violation.  Information about the trial is unknown at this time.

One thing is clear; Millet shouldn’t have been released from prison in the first place. It was only a manner of time that he would commit another crime.  Perhaps this time the state will keep this dangerous criminal off the streets for good. More details will be announced as they are revealed.

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