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Based out of the new CU Mental Health Clinic Psychiatrist, Pari Azalee is now offering free consultations to the rest of the Hathian community. She is a licensed M.D. and has earned her Ph.D (Psychology) so she has a wide array of knowledge on the different ways our bodies and minds can learn to cope with the obstacles faced in life. She has experience with mental disorders, chemical imbalances, deviant behaviors, couples counseling, family counseling and more.
All CU students and Staff and municipal workers (HPD, FDH, HGH) get discounted rates (or subsidized).
Please, call XXX-XXXX ((IM Pari Azalee)) for your free consultation.
Twitter: Dr_Azalee

((If googled, it would be found that she helped run the Dead End Memorial Hospital Psychiatric ward (asylum) and collaborated on several research papers regarding behavioral psychology))

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