Crows Launch Racially Motivated Attack

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Victim suffered extensive bruising.

“On your knees, Chocolate,” that was how it began according to Hathian citizen Nyxa Crowne who claims she was conversing with a member of the Crows gang without incident when another member of the gang approached, began hurling racial slurs and demanded she bow down and worship them; when Crowne refused she was allegedly savagely beaten, doused with pepper spray and stabbed by both gang members who were later joined by a third that did not partake in the beating.

While gang violence in Hathian is certainly nothing new; it is not until now that a gang has ever been accused of a hate crime – but that is exactly what Nyxa Crowne is calling it. Crowne, who is black was quoted as saying, “The woman just came up and started calling me derogatory racial slurs for no reason at all, up until then I was having a pretty quiet conversation with the man. He was passive up until I defended myself from the woman and then he joined in on the attack.”

Crowne reportedly suffered a concussion from being beaten about the head with a power drill, extensive bruising and a stab wound to her torso before making her escape and running to Hathian General  Hospital where she was treated and released with expectations to fully recover.  Crowne was reportedly attacked in the cemetery where the Crows are known to frequent.

It is unknown at this time which Crow gang members were involved or whether the attack was in fact racially motivated. While there have been many reports of violence at the hands of the notorious gang the races of their victims have never been officially recorded. All known or suspected members of the gang are described as Caucasian.

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