Rise of The Teddy Bandit

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Hathian, a place that is no stranger to unusual events, has a new menace running a muck. An unknown person in a large yellow teddy bear costume has been wandering around making mischief. “The Teddy Bandit” allegedly vandalized the notorious local bar, Lou’s, by egging it. In addition to Lou’s, “The Teddy Bandit” cracked the window of The Poison Apple.  The intensity of the acts seem to be steadily building in the amount of damage caused. If you spot “The Teddy Bandit”, call 911 immediately. The intent is to stop this nuisance before “The Teddy Bandit” commits a crime more serious than vandalism.


                                                                                                              (Taken as the Teddy escaped after vandalizing The Poison Apple)


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