Apartment for Rent in Vodou

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The Vodou Recreation and Living Centre has one available dwelling.

Price per week : $250. [lindens]

Both apartments feature:

• Open space living plan downstairs.

• Kitchen with plenty of storage.

• Two bedrooms.

• Fully equip bathroom.

Living in the Vodou Recreation and Living Centre offers you plenty of opportunities for fun and leisure right outside your door.

You have direct access to businesses such as:

• Yo Yo Yoga

• Free Minds Mental Health Clinic

• Minnies – Bar and Grill

With more, exciting new businesses to come, living in the Vodou Recreation and Living Centre is the smartest move you’ll make.

If interested contact George Castanza on : [Liviacray Resident]


OOC Information :

LEASE LOCATION: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vodou/232/146/34

LEASE LENGTHS: You may lease for up to 6 months at a time.

LEASE PRIM ALLOWANCE: 50 prims are allowed for this Location, for use by the tenant. PLEASE STAY IN YOUR LIMIT.


LEASE TERMS: You will need to join the appropriate group in order to place objects. You will be invited when you have rented and IM’d Liviacray Resident. You will be supplied with a kitchen and bathroom. If you would like to install your own bathroom please let me know. The bathroom you supply will come out of your prim allowance. There are no refunds of rent.


YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to sell things at your home or advertise your own business.




Any questions you have, send an IM to Liviacray Resident

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