Local Ellis Millet In Murder and ‘Zombies’ Scandal

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Ellis Millet is out on bail bond until his prison terms begins.
Ellis Millet being interrogated by Detective Angel Moonshadow.

Hathian local Ellis Millet, 36, was recently arrested for the murder of an 18 year old female identified as an Alyssa Royce, in what was thought to be a “virginal sacrifice” in order to bring his deceased friend Buffy Summers back to life.

Royce, a ballet dancer, top of her troupe, was allegedly murdered by Millet as an offering. “I was trying to bring Buffy back by summoning a demon to exchange my soul for her bein’ alive..” Millet explained to the Hathian Observer, “I had to have a virgin sacrafice or it wouldn’t have worked! It didn’t work anyway..” Millet stated as he revealed that he believed “the demon came and all but…she said she was in heaven.”  He added “I guess that’s good, though. She’s at peace..” Millet seems unable to let go of his close friend’s death and his belief in the supernatural has apparently resulted in his arrest.

Ellis Millet is being sent away on the 25th of Feburary
Ellis Millet is being sent to a maximum security prison.

Millet firmly believes he was acting out of the best intentions, stating “Well I did what I had to. I ain proud of killin some girl. But…I had to try.” Millet will be sent to the Harvey Federal Institution where he admitted he will be treated in the pysch ward first. “I’m going to the prison…the one that will open soon. I am goin on the twenty-fifth..The um, cops are recommendin’ I stay in the psych ward til they deem me fit for society.” Millet, much like Summers, is notorious in Hathian for his belief in the supernatural and believes that demons and zombies and vampires exist, sometimes in human form. Like Summers, Millet believes it his duty to stake or kill these creatures. This was most recently witnessed when Dr Madison Weaver reappeared in Hathian, in Lou’s Bar after having been recently pronounced dead. It turns out however, the doctor is very much alive but Millet believed her to be a ‘zombie’ and attacked her in order to kill her.

Madison Weaver, 39, lies on the floor after being attacked by Millet.
Madison Weaver, 39, lies on the floor after being attacked by Millet.

Millet managed to inflict some damage to the doctor who had also tried to attack and bite Millet before being fought off and was helped by her colleague and taken to hospital shortly after Millet was arrested by Officer Reynolds. Millet complied with the officer and received a short prison term for his co-operation.

Millet was released through a bondsman due to over crowding in the HPD cells but once the Harvey Federal Institute prison is open Millet will be sent there. Millet seems unrepentant about his behavior and crimes, alleging that his beliefs are valid and that vampires and demons and zombies do exist and that he will kill any that he sees even though he has already been arrested several times.

With Summers death and Millet being sent to Harvey Federal Institution maybe the spate of attacks and crimes committed on the basis of belief in the supernatural might come to an end and the city will no longer see innocent people being attacked or murdered because of a delusional belief that has done more damage then good. It is hoped by several of Millets friends that he gets the help he needs in H.F.I and that while there he will be able to free his mind of the delusional thoughts which have alienated him from friends and family.

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