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HPD doing rounds in Slim Goodies Diner prior to the incident involving suspect Chloe Wilde and Diner manager Greenlee Morrisey. HPD Captain Chief andel and Rookie Officer

HPD doing rounds in Slim Goodies Diner prior to the incident involving suspect Chloe Wilde and Diner manager Greenlee Morrisey. HPD Captain Chief andel and Rookie Officer
HPD Chief Hendrich Andel [Right] and Rookie Officer Penelope Sawyer [Left] doing rounds in Slim Goodies Diner during “Slim Goodies Social” Februaury 9th, 2013 prior to the incident involving suspect Chloe Wilde [Center Right] stabbing Diner manager Greenlee Morrisey [Center Left].
Reports came flooding in that a “Slim Goodies Social” event at Slim Goodies Diner on Saturday, February 9th, 2013 ended with the HPD apprehending a knife wielding woman, Chloe Wilde, and the FDH treating stab victim Diner manager Greenlee Morrisey. The eye witness reports state that Wilde was at the event stuffing her face with the free food and that HPD Chief Andel and Rookie Officer Penelope Sawyer were doing a routine stop at the diner to make sure the event had no issues. After the HPD finished and walked out, Wilde somehow got to Morrisey and stabbed her out of nowhere and for unknown reasons. Chief Andel heard the commotion per sources and came back inside and blocked the main entrance as the woman tried to run out through it when Pub Owner Valmont Marsielle stopped Wilde from continuing her assault.

Slim Goodies Diner where the Incident with Chloe Wilde and Greenlee Morrisey took place on February 9th, 2013.

I contacted Valmont Marsielle and he quickly commented, “I was just there [at the event] – the heroic actions were from Cherie Listern, who rushed to help Greenlee after she was stabbed.”

Further investigation confirms Cherie Listern as an FDH Probationary EMT & Firefighter who was at the scene of the crime when it occured. Cherie Listern credited, “…years of training and being at the right place, at the right time I s’pose. I was a patron in the diner when that took place and I had none of my medical equipment with me so I couldn’t have done proper work if it wasn’t for the speedy reaction of my partner, Juggs, coming to the Diner when I called him.”

Cherie also offered some advice for citizens who may find themselves in a similar situation, “Call 911, stay calm and co-operate. That usually saves time which is all the difference in situations like that.”

Greenleee Morrisey was contacted and she stated she has no statement at this time.

Chief Andel was contacted and there was no response to our message but the HPD front desk did inform us Chloe Wilde is off the streets of Hathian and has been in jail since the events.

Also, upon further Investigation, I was given a lead in which my source hinted to another possible attack by the same suspect in the above incident at another Hathian business. I contacted several businesses such as The Clam; which had no incidents with suspects of that description per the person who picked the phone up. Berthier St. Bakery was left a voicemail with no response, but when I contacted the Master Bates Inn. I spoke with Marissa Hambrook, Manager for that business, and she advised me of the following:

“Yes, the woman came into the motel office a few days ago, I think two days before the incident with Greenlee, the diner manager. At first [Wilde] behaved normally, but suddenly she freaked out, I think because she wasn’t satisfied with our vouchers for the Best Head Salon, although I had already offered more than I usually do. She gashed my lip with a punch and then crawled over the counter to go after me some more. I’m very unhappy that I didn’t do anything against this women, except defending myself, that is, before she could go and stab Greenlee. [Greenlee] is a good friend of mine, you have to know, so…I’ll break my rules here, this one time. You can put this in the paper. People should be warned about this crazy person.”


Master Bates Inn. where Chloe Wilde allegedly assaulted Manager Marissa Hambrook a few days before the Slim Goodies incident per Marissa’s statement.
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