Dog found: Koko

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Koko the Lab

We found a lost lab roaming around Hathian. It’s really sweet and if anyone would like to pick it up just come by Clam Convenience Store. She has a collar engraved with Koko on it and she seems to be trained as well. Her so far known tricks are Roll-over, paw, and fetch. Our guess is her owner abandoned her or something but she’s very sweet. We went to the vet to see how old she is, healthy she is, etc. and it appears she is one year old and is relatively healthy. We are currently taking care of her, feeding her, keeping her active, but we can’t keep her for too long otherwise our land-lord will get mad. We left her with the Convenient store clerk who is my brother Dale, she should be tied up all day, but don’t worry she’s fed/hydrated . She is spooked at loud noises and sometimes may try to run away do to stress, but with some love I’m sure Koko will lighten up. She is not “Fixed”, and has Brown, beautiful, eyes. Her coat, as seen in the picture, is a beautiful golden tan. She is very friendly and loves dry kibble, She does not like wet, canned, food. Please call 384-499-8125  (In Character contact Evelyn Jurado) if you’re interested, you may also leave a comment of you’re name and phone number and we’ll get back to you, thanks.

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