HPD Swarms the TT

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HPD Forces Swarming TT

What was supposed to be a routine call for three HPD Officers turned into chaos as much of the Hathian Police Department were forced to swarm the popular entertainment hotspot known as the Titty Twister; as the three officers, two of which were newer rookies, were ambushed by two armed assailants Thursday evening.

Officer Johnathan Morpork, Rookie Officers Jhata Thomson, and John Crowley were responding to a standard stabbing call at the TT, FDH EMTs were already on scene and preparing to transport the stab victim, when the officers were ambushed by the armed assailants. The assailants were reportedly under the influence of illegal narcotics, and were attempting to attack and kill the officers for no apparent reason.

The Observer was given first hand audio of the radio communications that transpired in the following moments of the initial distress call sent by Rookie Officer Jhata Thomson.

Available at this moment, we have a transcribed version of the audio files.

HPD Forces Swarming TT

[22:23] (Jhata’s Distress Call after the confrontation began) Romeo 7959 to Dispatch, we have armed suspects at TT, send immediate backup, over. We’re under attack

[22:24] (Unknown Dispatcher) Units at the TT, be advised: A caller has just informed us that there is an armed woman coming in behind you and a man who may possibly be armed. Any unit available to assist
The Dispatcher went on to the following statement
[22:26] Any available unit, please respond to reports of officers in danger at the TT. One, possibly multiple armed subjects.

[22:27] (Chief Hendrich Andel) Charles 602, show me responding over there with two officers

[22:43] (Corporal  Joshika Jansen) Ocean 7505 and Romeo 7939 enroute to TT. 10 minutes ETA.

[22:44] (Chief Andel) Charles 602, Sam 4451, Ocean 7372 are scene

And the point of Chief Andel’s arrival, most of the on duty officers has swarmed the building. There was a K-9 Unit inside, as well as a few officers dressed in full Tactical gear.


HPD Apprehending The Suspects

Fortunately as backup arrived on scene, the original three officers had managed to use their training they knew to combat, subdue, and apprehend the suspects that were hellbent on attacking them.

[23:46] (Officer Johnathan Morpork, following apprehension) Ocean 1737 to Dispatch, two suspects in custody at TT’s, scene is now secured

Following the formal arrest, the suspect names were released to the press.
One male suspect, identified as Aksel Carnell; as well as one female suspect, identified as one Aubry Brinner, a.k.a. Black Mamba.

Charges included but were not limited to Assault on an Officer, Attempted Murder of the First Degree, Resisting Arrest, Use of a Controlled Substance, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, among others.

At this time, it is also unclear whether the ambush was related to the original stabbing call or not.

The Fire Department of Hathian was also on location for Emergency Medical Services, as well as support operations.

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