Hathian’s Finest Successfully Rescue Kidnapped Officer

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Chief Hendrich Andel carries the brutally tortured Officer Moonshadow to saftey
Chief Hendrich Andel carries the brutally tortured Officer Moonshadow to saftey

Chief Hendrich Andel led a dramatic rescue Wednesday alongside members of the Hathian Police Department to recover the kidnapped and brutally tortured Officer, identified as Angel Moonshadow, 21, who had been taken by the criminal figure known as Zero and friends.

Members of the HPD unearth the body of the tortured officer

The daring rescue was the result of an exchange by the HPD of two prisoners known to the Observer only as Matt and Alana, who are said to be family members of Zero’s. Stunned citizens looked on as heavily armed officers in SWAT tactical clothing, brandishing rifles and shotguns, assembled at one end of Hathian Highway bridge in scenes reminiscent of a cold war spy exchange. A tense stand-off ensued and after an exchange of words with officers training their sights across the bridge, a badly injured man and a woman could be seen being helped across the bridge to a waiting taxi.

An inside source – who cannot be named for their own protection – told the Observer, “We thought something had gone wrong and the bastards had double crossed us, but then the Chief got a text and he just started running to the beach like a wild man”. With officers in hot pursuit of the Chief, it transpired that Officer Moonshadow had been buried alive on the beach in District 8 with only a limited supply of oxygen! Chief Andel and a trailing group of breathless officers arrived and frantically searched until they found a fresh mound and begun digging desperately clawing away at the earth with their bare hands.

Officer Moonshadow is rescued by the valiant efforts of the HPD and Chief

Shocked onlookers say the stricken Officer’s limbs started to appear as officers scooped away the earth until eventually her battered and bruised head was freed, but it appeared they were too late, as our source told us, “She was in a bad way, beaten, bloodied and had stopped breathing, we thought they had killed her!” It was then that Chief Andel could be heard screaming “No no no! Fuck you! You are not dying on me! I… order… you… not… to… die on… me!” as he began CPR on Angel’s lifeless body while another officer began ┬ábreathing air into her lungs. For a few moments, nervous officers looked on at their apparently dead colleague, some openly sobbing, when suddenly she could be seen coughing and spluttering, her eyelids flickering open. As the confused and delirious officer was bought back to life she look up at the Chief, kneeling over her and say “Fuck!…He IS God!” before passing out. It was then Chief Andel took his broken officer in his arms and carried her to the waiting ambulance.

Officer Angel Moonshadow is now under 24-hour guard at HGH while she recovers. A spokesman for the HPD declined to comment on the incidents saying simply “Enquiries are ongoing”. Meanwhile the extent of recent attacks, attributed to the criminals, on women across the city have become clear. At least than nine women have been abducted, raped, and had letters carved into their body. According to sources, these letters spell out the word ‘checkmate’ and the victim’s bodies have been dumped in locations that mark a giant ‘Z’ on the map of Hathian. Although Zero & known friends have been a constant source of terror for the city, the Chief and members of the HPD have been doubling their efforts and have been largely successful – arresting several friends linked to the criminal. The Chief has shown by his strong leadership that there will be payback.

“The Chief is really pissed off now…..You haven’t heard the end of this…..”


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