Exclusive: Chief Andel Survives Abduction And Torture Ordeal

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Chief Hendrich Andel shown here in a photo released by one of his kidnappers.
Chief Hendrich Andel shown here in a photo released by one of his kidnappers.

Chief Hendrich Andel of the Hathian Police Department was the victim of a brutal kidnapping carried out by criminal figure Zero and his friends earlier this week. The Chief endured hours of torture and was held hostage after attempting to carry out a raid – along with his officers – on Zero and his group of friends at Zero’s home and hideout. The Chief was found alive and taken into hospital after a rescue effort made by the HPD, recovering at print time in Hathian General Hospital.

Several kidnappings of police members from the HPD have been reported by the Hathian Observer already, with the cases of Sergeat Lilith Fox and also most recently that of Officer Sterling as abductions carried out by the same people. Not to mention that citizens have also been kidnapped after being brutally raped and beaten. Although rescued by one of his own officers – Officer Joshikia Jansen,20 – the Chief will have to face the public once he is recovered, to answer questions as well as those posed by critics  in view of the embarrassment and humiliation of being captured by one of the current criminal figures on the scene in Hathian. The Chief is well known for his arrogance – just last week a previous article outlined his attitude that he ‘got things done‘ and was therefore above any rules – but in light of his own abduction and torture, will he be able to stick by the statement that he “get’s things done” when citizens and his own officers and now the Chief himself have been kidnapped and subjected to rape and torture?

Chief Hendrich Andel, the victim of a kidnapping and torture ordeal.

In another twist to the story it appears that Andel also shot one of his own men during an attempt on pursuing Zero and his ‘family’.  The Observer was able to talk to one of those friends who had this to say about the abduction: “Eagerness and arrogance made him blind, which led to his downfall..” adding that “He shot one of his own too.” The wounded officer, The Observer discovered after investigation, can be identifed as Officer Jay Jyster, no reasons are clear at this moment as to why the Chief shot the officer, but rumors are circulating. The source also had this to say:” He’s been tortured, kept out of sight for those three days, he’s  admitted to being  a selfish, arrogant and reckless man and promised to be a better man, to serve and protect the city as he should.”

The rescue attempt had originally been an attempt to pursue one of Zero’s friends, a female known as Alana Scorfield, who had been wanted by the police as a suspect and was seen by Officer Jansen in Hathian. Jansen pursued the woman into District 8 where she fled to a nearby church. The officer spotted the captured Chief tied down to a chair through one of the large windows of the church with Zero nearby. He was able to successfully rescue the Chief by sneaking up on the criminals and entering the church, where he was able to free Andel who was taken to hospital while Zero and Scorfield managed to evade arrest by escaping.

Chief Hendrich Andel has been fighting a long battle against Zero and his known associates, one which has been escalating in the public eye  recently with the spat of high profile  kidnappings that have targeted the HPD’s members. Will citizens be able to feel easy about their own security when the people who are charged ‘to protect and serve‘ cannot even protect themselves from these powerful criminal figures and their agendas? How effective is the Chief when he cannot prevent even his own officers and himself from being kidnapped and subjected to torture? At this moment in time it seems that the criminals have more power on the streets of Hathian then the HPD itself.

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