Berthier Street Shootout – 1 Cop against 3 Suspects

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Shots fired, officer wounded
Berthier Street Shootout

Berthier Street Shootout – 1 Cop against 4 Suspects

Shots fired, officer wounded

Shots fired, officer wounded
Berthier Street Shootout

In the morning of 11th August, 2012, an epic cop versus criminal drama was on, just at this time, the officer was outnumbered by three dangerous suspects on a public road.

“I was investigating the case about the officer who was missing recently, just then suddenly the suspects we are keep looking for just pop out in front of me.”  said by Detective Marcus Warbunsee, the police officer who involved in this shootout.

Detective Warbunsee was investigating in Berthier Street Bakery about a suspect,  Zim Bartavelle, a wanted person who was believed to be involved in a recent missing officer case and another crime.  Bartavelle was last seen buying food inside the bakery. According to witnesses on scene, when Detective Warbunsee came out from the bakery, at that time, Zim Bartavelle, along with one male suspect and one female suspect, showed up right in front of Warbunsee.

“I…it all happened real fast,” said by the witness Ella Aidan. “A man was trying to stop another man on the street in front of the bakery. I don’t know if he was wanted by the police or what, but the guy pursuing him pointed a taser at him an’ then things got ugly.”

At the time, the detective was outnumbered by three suspects, all possibly armed. He displayed the firearm, while one of the suspects pulled out his taser and pulled the trigger to detective. Five shots were fired total from the detective’s pistol, one suspect possibly wounded.  At last, all suspects escaped toward the west. During the shootout, Detective Warbunsee was wounded by taser shot and sent to Hathian General Hospital by an EMT unit.

Further investigation is carrying on.

Detective Warbunsee discharged his firearm
Suspects of the case


If you have any information about the case, please contact Hathian Police Department Detective Division – (504) 555-1000 

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