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Columtreal University Paranormal Society - Logo created by Iokko Molko

In Hathian, and Louisiana in particular, there is always that superstition of hauntings and ghosts.  Since Anne Rice created her Vampire and Witch sagas, the old superstitions have boomed.  However, does that make them only superstitions?  After all, who hasn’t had a friend or a family member that has heard strange noises in the dark?  Perhaps felt the touch of a ghostly hand when they are alone in an unknown building?  A family member who inexplicably gets scratched out of thin air?  In Louisiana, these stories are common place, but who is to say what is fact or fiction?  Columtreal University may not have the answer, but they are taking a step in the right direction.

Columtreal University Paranormal Society - Logo created by Iokko Molko

The Columtreal University Paranormal Society is a newstudent led organization meant to find out the truth of hauntings in and around the Hathian parish.  Students will investigate reported haunted areas to come up with down-to-earth explanations to possible paranormal activity.  They will use a technique called debunking to sort through evidence and personal experiences to find scientific answers to questions about disembodied sounds, voices, touches, cold spots, smells, and many other experiences chalked up to paranormal.  Any evidence recovered that cannot be explained will result in further investigation until, possibly, the team decides to label it fully paranormal.

Lance Lantash, Caileigh Kharg, Carson Capelo
CUPS Team Lance Lantash, Caileigh Kharg, Carson Capelo

The team will investigate these encounters and offer answers to building owners to shed light on the Paranormal, but also to help put people at ease if they feel haunted.  They will offer advice and techniques to combat paranormal encounters should such a situation arise that would require it.  The creed of the group stands… the truth is out there, and we will find it.  No matter where the evidence leads.

If you require assistence with paranormal activity, do not hesitate to call Lance Lantash to set up an investigation.  If you are a family and you believe your child is in danger, please call as soon as possible.  Children should not group up with these fears if it can be avoided.

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