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The suspect, Martini, in the red sedan just before speeding past the police cruiser as it turns into Bourbon St.

19th of July, 2012 — Civilians witnessed an action-packed car chase as the Hathian Police attempted to apprehend the suspect involved in a recent string of grand theft auto.

The suspect is Carly M. Martini, 37, an employee at the Pie Hole Pizzeria and part-time mechanic down at Hathian Motors.  Martini is well known for her heavy gang affiliation, also renowned by the Hathian Police Dept. for her countless charges of assault, aggressive assault and auto theft.

In the evening, a disguised Martini prowled around in the shadows, eyeing a red sedan parked across the street from Lou’s Bar on Bourbon St.  Witnesses say that the woman resembled a ninja, all dressed in black on that hot summer night as she approached the vehicle.

The suspect, Martini, in the red sedan just before speeding past the police cruiser and turning out of Bourbon St.

While breaking in and entering the vehicle, Martini had been approached by a brave college student from Columtreal University, who attempted to intervene.  The suspect then pulled a gun on the girl, threatening her to leave.  She ran off and called 911, while the suspect managed to start the engine without a key.

The brave college student, pointing the police in the right direction.

Just as the police arrived on scene, the red sedan blazed through the intersection, made a sharp left turn and disappeared down the road.

Ten minutes later, the police managed to catch up to Martini, who refused to stop.  However, the chase ended five minutes later when the police cruiser clipped the side of the vehicle, which caused it to spin out of control.  With the four-cylinder engine overheating, the suspect was forced to break, barely avoiding flying off of the bridge.

When confronted by the police, Martini became physical and resisted by attacking, only to be subdued and apprehended in response.

The car has minor damages.  Inside the car were pliers and other various tools, suggesting that Martini is experienced with auto theft, having done so before.  The revolver was also found, though it turned out to be a toy, spray-painted black for a more realistic look.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the reckless car chase and Martini has been taken into custody.

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