Former Cop Rages In HPD Over Officer In Coma

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Artoo Belic, formerly an Officer, lashed out at a rookie with a crowbar
Artoo Belic, formerly an Officer, lashed out at a rookie with a crowbar

With the fallout of the failed raid by the Hathian Police Department on an alleged Phantom hideout leaving behind a trail of destruction and seriously injured officers, one former officer returned to the HPD to vent his frustrations at the tragic results of the raid. “He was one of the only good cops in this fucking hell hole, offered him my detective position when I quit. And now, YOU GUYS GOT HIM KILLED!” [Ed: prior to revelation that said victim is indeed alive]  Former officer Artoo Belic was overheard screaming out by witnesses at the station who were there to perform a bail by the counter of the HPD station, before Belic arrived with a crowbar in hand. It is believed that the former rookie was grieving over Officer Jackson, also known as ‘Black Jack’ by his colleagues, who had suffered serious inhuries. Jackon, 54, was found impaled upon a tree after the explosion rocked the burning building of the alleged hideout. Jackson bled profusely from a serious head injury as well as going into cardiac arrest and is currently laying in a coma, with a limited chance of recovery.

Rookie Jake Powfer attempts to disarm and restrain former officer Belic

Officer Jake Powfer, 19, was called to the scene by Officer Vermillion, who Belic had initially approached, although Vermillion was seated behind the counter and protected by the barrier between them. Belic, in a clearly enraged frame of mind, shouted out “”That fucking man is on life support, his fucking body blown to shit,“” before swinging his crowbar, attempting to smash the glass of the counter screen that separates the cops from citizen’s making enquiries. Officer Powfer arrived after Officer Vermillion, who had been seriously injured in the raid himself, but was able to work despite his wounds, to assist Vermillion by dealing with Belic who immediately lunged towards him with the crowbar upon noticing the rookie arrive. Powefer was quick on his feet and managed to pull out a knife, although sustaining a blow by Belic’s crowbar, he managed to slash Belic across the chest and then use his tazer on the former officer as Belic was knocked down by the tazer and successfully restrained as Powfer and Vermillion were able to cuff him and take him into the cells to detain.

Officer Jackson was  held in high esteem by his colleauges and with the aftermath of the raid taking it’s toll on members of the HPD force, it is also clearly affecting those who have worked with and alongside the officers. The raid may have ended disasterously, but it was also a concerted effort made by the officers to crack down on gang activities, and although they may have suffered in their efforts, they have managed to show that they are willing to go to extra lengths in order to get their jobs done, risking their own lives and putting themselves in harms way.  It will be seen whether this incident serves to motivate them farther in the fight against crime or setback  the officers of the HPD and those who rank above them.



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