Unconcious Girl Thrown Down Staircase of TT

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Naked and beaten unconcious, a victim of "Tinker" is thrown down the staircase of the TT bar
Naked and beaten unconcious, a victim of "Tinker" is thrown down the staircase of the TT bar

I was down at the pier skipping rocks and waiting on a phonecall when I hear this flopping and splashing, so I look down and this guy is pulling himself out of the water… and you know he doesn’t look so good, so I called down to ask if he needed help, and the next thing I know he’s coming at me. He jumped up on the pier and started beating me..”  The nineteen year old student who survived a horrific rape and beating by an indivdual  known as ‘Tinker’ tells the Hathian Observer how she ended up unconcious on the staircase of the Titty Twister.

The Columtreal University student, who also works in Hathian  and wishes to remain anonymous, was beaten and thrown unconcious in a “dirty and poorly lit basement” and locked up in a cage. She finds it hard to remember how long she was kept there for, but she does remember overhearing something another man who was in the room say, “I think it was.. ‘Tell Mordor I’m going to the hospital now.’ I’m pretty sure that was it and so Tinker let him out. I tried to get the guy to help but he just laughed and call me a bitch and left me there.”  She describes ‘Tinker’ as “tall.. I think he’s an Albino. He had pinkish skin and long white hair, referred to himself in the third person, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t all there..”  The name of ‘Tinker’ has already appeared before; his name was found carved on the body of another unfortunate young female found murdered and dumped at the Black Lotus restaurant not too long ago.

After being raped and beaten unconcious, the student and Hathian employee was dumped down the staircase of TTs on Bourbon Street, where she was found by the bar staff members who helped her to recover before the paramedics arrived. She has several bruises and the name “Tinker” carved on her lower right leg. Young women being snatched up by gangs and the carving of gang ‘signatures’ on bodies, usually found dead at the scene, has increased, although the student was lucky to make it out alive. Will the police be able to track down the individuals and gang members carrying out these acts, and arrest them for these violent and vicious attacks on the innocent citizens of Hathian before the citizens are forced to take measures into their own hands against gangs?

The naked and badly beaten girl was found dumped at the staircase of this bar.


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