Cop Commits Suicide as Phantom Hit Claims Life, Leaves One Wounded

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The dead bodies after a successful 'hit' by an alleged Phantom gang member
The dead bodies after a successful 'hit' by an alleged Phantom gang member

Police Officer Baden Daines, 30, took his own life after a successful ‘hit’ on his girlfriend Hita Verma claimed her life, carried out by a Phantom gang member known as Piper Delvalle. One Hell’s Saints gang member was left with a gunshot wound to the chest and is recovering from her injuries. Cops arrived at the scene, after arriving at the wrong location first, to find the dead body of Hita Verma and were only able to watch in horror as Officer Daines turned his gun on himself, shooting himself before the group of people who were witnesses to the hit.

Officer Daines and girlfriend Hita Verma lay dead on the ground as the police arrive.













According to  one eyewitness and a Hell’s Saint gang member, Hita Verma had been abducted by the Phantoms – a shadowy criminal organization known for sex trafficking, prostitution rackets, and most notoriously for bombing the HPD station. It is believed that the Phantoms were going to use Verma as a prostitute, but Hell’s Saints found Hita, rescuing her, and would not give her back to the Phantoms. The Phantoms then employed one of their members, Piper Delvalle, to shoot Hita dead. Appearing to be overcome with  grief and despair as he witnessed his girlfriend shot dead, Officer Daines pointed his gun under his jaw and shot himself, laying not more then ten feet away from his dead girlfriend, his head blown to bits.

One eyewitness, who wishes to remain anonymous, described seeing Delvalle at the scene and stated: “She had dark hair, she was wearing a pink camisole and a black leather jacket that was cropped. And black leather pants… black leather boots also. I think her hair was short, and curly.. ”  Piper Delvalle is currently wanted by police who have a warrant out for her arrest, she fled the crime scene, wounding the Hell’s Saint gang member with a gunshot wound to the chest before escaping. It remains to be seen whether or not she is caught.

A Hell's Saint gang member is injured, the dead bodies of Officer Daines and girlfriend Hita Verma are seen to by police.




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