Suicidal Girl Tries To Kill Herself As Officers Arrest Pimp

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Officers arrest well known pimp Monk Leborski and a bartender from Lou's bar, Mark Mceldra
Officers arrest well known pimp Monk Leborski(shown here in cuffs on the floor) and a bartender from Lou's bar, Mark Macllre

A suicidal girl interupted the scene of an arrest as she attempted to slit her own throat in front of horrorfied bystanders and police. The girl, identifed as Sophie Moyet by one of the bystanders, had decided to do this after stating that the Hathian Police Department had ruined her life, shouting out “It’s because of you fucking pigs that my life is ruined!!” before taking a blade to her throat. HPD officer Tony Cordelio and bystanders had at first assumed the girl was intervening and about to stab someone with the knife and this made the officers nervous. Officer Cordelio delivered a gun shot to the girl’s shoulder, making her drop the knife and stop her from carrying out further bodily harm to herself. It is believed that the suicidal woman had no connection to the matter of those being arrested at the time she chose to attempt suicide. It seems Moyet was grieving over the loss of her friend, a local known as Luz, who was shot dead by police last week, blaming herself for his death.

Sucidal girl shot in the shoulder by Officer Cordelio as Officer Trallis hauls in Leborski and Macllre

Monk Leborski, a well-known pimp, had been apparently been apprehended by bartender Mark Macllre, who had been trying to defend his girlfriend from being abducted by some criminal individuals and made to work on the streets as a prostitute. Officers Trallis and Cordelio were able to apprehend Leborski and take him into custody-as well as Macllre, arriving at the scene quickly.

Macallre was released after explaining the situation and had this to say on the arrest: “I’m not someone any one should idolize,  I’m just a man o’ won’t stand by and let something happen. I might not handle it the right way but I handle it my way and I’m sure with dis monk bloke ‘ow e is it wont be the last time im put in a cell for trying to gut him like a fish. Ask any man with a set a balls what he would do when e as to carry their girlfriends  limp lifeless body to the hospital im sure theyl say the same thing.” The HPD have a long running fight against criminals such as Leborski and his friends,  and this will not be the last time that these individuals will see themselves behind bars.

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