Rookie Cop Found Murdered On Beach

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The murdered victim was found on the beach by a citizen
The body of the murdered officer was found on the beach by a citizen who called the police.

An officer of the Hathian Police Department was found murdered on Wednesday by a citizen who had been taking a walk along the beach, where her body was found. The officer has been identified as Alura Maze, a rookie who had only just started working with the HPD for a few weeks. The citizen, who wished to remain anonymous, called the police who arrived upon the scene with the paramedics arriving later.

Alura Maze was found with her top missing, bleeding from the mouth with her tongue cut in half and her neck broken. It seemed she had lost a lot of blood and bruises around her neck indicated that she might have been strangled before having her neck broken. At the moment, the HPD have refused to issue a statement and there can only be speculation as to who carried out the murder. Maze had been kidnapped and held hostage by a gang early on in her arrival to Hathian and it is possible that this murder may have been gang related.  However, it is still an ongoing investigation and working in the HPD Maze would have been the target of several gangs and criminal individuals.

Alura Maze helped fight to fight crime in this city and she will be remembered as a dedicated officer. If anyone has seen or heard anything related to this case please contact the Hathian Police Department with any details.


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