Criminal Brutally Attacks Reporter

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Angie Long was discovered dumped in the road, bound and blindfolded by Officer Cordelio
Angie Long was discovered dumped in the road, bound, gagged and blindfolded by Officer Cordelio

Reporter Angie Long, 25, was the victim of a vicious attack and rape last week in Hathian. She was found tied up with rope and left on the middle of  Bourbon Street outside of Lou’s Bar. The area is well known to many citizens of Hathian, and usually busy, it wasn’t long before the victim was discovered, unconcious and bleeding from a head wound as well as covered with several cuts and bruises. Long was discovered by Officer Tony Cordelio of the Hathian Police Department. He had been walking his regular beat and found the victim, quick to call an amublance, after checking the vital signs of the victim. Now out of hospital, Long is recovering from her injuries and is able to talk about her ordeal.

Angie Long, reporter for the Hathian Observer speaks up about her horrific ordeal.

” It happened when I received a text telling me to meet at the car park – that’s the normal way I meet informants so I went. When I got there I was drugged – a man approached me from behind – and when I woke up I was tied up naked in a bath full of ice cold water. He left me there over night. The next day when he came back he had some sort of tazer which he used after tying me to a pole. After awhile he  kicked me untill I was unconcious and I’m guessing thats how my leg broke but I woke up the next day in hospital covered in bandages.. as to how I feel about the attack? I guess I just have to get on with my life this sort of thing happens too often in this city”   The reporter who works for the Hathian Observer recieved treatment from the Hathian General Hospital and has only recently remembered some of what happened to her.

An anonymous source reveals that the criminal has an international record, wanted for crimes abroad as well as in Hathian. He has been identified as Armando Montana and he is considered extremely dangerous. Montana is thought to be between 30-40 and mentally unstable, the source also revealing that he may be suffering from multiple personality disorder. The source also revealed that Montana may have links to gangs in Cuba where it is thought he lived for awhile before returning to the United States.

If anyone has any information regarding this case they are advised to contact the Hathian Police Department.


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