Rejects, Accomplices Pummel Police

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Corporal Lilith Fox surrounded by the attackers shortly before they dragged her behind closed doors.

February 2nd was a rough day for Corporal Lilith Fox of the Hathian Police Department, who was attacked near the cemetery shortly after two in the afternoon.

Monk Leborski allegedly started the beat down, first singling out the off duty Fox as she loitered on the sidewalk in front of the abandoned buildings across from the Rader Records parking lot, which, for a long time, has been a traditional Reject hangout. Quint McAuley, who was in a crowd in front of the business, investigated, and found out who the victim was.

This prompted the group, consisting of Sofia Keolanui and three banded Rejects, Esperanza ‘Espi’ Hernandoz, Piper McAuley, and Quint McAuley, to swarm the unarmed Fox, beating her with bats and their own fists and feet.

They then dragged her helplessly into the abandoned buildings as Leborski disappeared, where they stripped her naked, cut her hair, broke her nose, choked her, and caused various other injuries. Fox is now recovering and will return to the force soon.

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