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While Hathian’s Finest have long had a reputation of being a brute force, it seems that the return of Chief Nadir Taov has sparked an inspirational return to some of the Hathian Police Departments most brutal of pasts. One victim of said brutality has been Piper McAuley, known member of the Rejects whom up until last week.. was five months pregnant. Following the bus crash that occured while transporting the arrested from Sunday’s rave, many from the town’s longest gang were locked up deep in the depths of the three-floor building. According to the victim’s distraught husband, Quint McAuley, Piper and cohort Esperanza “Espi” Hernandoz were singled out by the Chief, who along with other officers, beat and repeatedly raped the two, stomping on McAuley’s stomach until she went into labor. The baby, it seems, did not survive, and was tossed into the cell of another incarcerated Reject, Parnell Urqhart.
Are we seeing the future of the HPD? It’s hard to tell. A recent visit in a cell proved more pleasant than others have complained of recently. But, suffice to say, one shouldn’t take this editor’s experience as the norm, given past reports on these very pages.
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