Crave a Comiquities Caricature?

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Ever fancy yourself in ink? In an effort to bring in more business, local Hathian business – Comquities is introducing an interesting new hook. Buy $20.00 worth of merchandise and receive a free caricature by employee and artist, Meiling Mikado. “I thought it would be a good way to increase traffic to a small but honorable business,” quoted Mikado. “In a city where more than half the business goes straight to the red light district, this seems like a way to bring some attention back to the softer side of Hathian.”

Mikado, 19, is a born and bred resident of Hathian who, “just wants to see some change for the better and contribute where and how I can to the revitalization of this town’s self image and reputation.” Hathian, LA has long been known as a den of sin and inequity, consistently one of the most dangerous cities in the country with one of the lowest conviction rates. In a place where crime runs not only rampant, but is also often ignored; voices like that of Mikado are too often largely unheard.

The caricature special at Comiquities will continue, Mikado promised – “for as long as I work there.”

Comiquities is managed by local Hathian resident, Dustin Chestnut.

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