Vodou Home Graffitied, Destroyed

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Late on the evening of October 27th, the sleepy residential suburb of Vodou was stirred awake as another monstrous fire roared to life.

When the FDH arrived some five minutes later, the house was already engulfed, though reports state that when help was called, the fire was already too large to contain and could be seen blocks away.

The group of five fire fighters, including Chief Rog Messmer and previously incarcerated Shadoe Kohime, tackled the blaze as best they could, though things did not seem to go their way.

Callista Kharg, also one of the three FDH members that was jailed for the self defence attacks on Andel and his men, was on the roof of the residence with Messmer when the building lost its structural integrity. The section of roof Kharg was standing on collapsed beneath her, and she fell into the burning building.

Kohime and Kharg’s husband, Coyoti Kharg, abandoned trying to save the building, and went inside the inferno to save their fellow fire fighter. They successfully pulled her out of the building, though she suffered second degree burns to her face, hands, and chest, and was placed in a medically induced coma while she recoverd.

The same graffiti that was spotted on the Hathian Children’s Home before its destruction was also seen on the house a few days before the fire broke out, and investigators claim that the same patterns and MO were seen in this blaze as well, leading them to believe that a serial arsonist now resides in the city.

No other injuries were reported, and Mya Republic, a resident of the home, was fortunately out of town when the incident occurred.

The only thing that was salvaged from the fire was a small piggy bank, and anĀ American flag hanging above the porch. Aside from minor smoke damage, which can easily be washed out, the flag was relatively unharmed, and will be returned to Republic upon her arrival home.

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