Police Brutality on YouTube!

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Police Brutality, as seen on Youtube
Police Brutality, as seen on Youtube
Police Brutality, as see on Youtube
Police Brutality, as seen on Youtube

The Hathian Police Department strikes again, and this time, they’re caught on tape!


It was a quiet early afternoon for the people shown in a video rapidly gaining hits on YouTube (link above). They were about to drink a cup of tea as the video’s description states, when HPD came knocking. The officers shown in the video, whose names will not be made public in this newspaper for the sake of their privacy, insist on taking in the female citizen for questioning, saying that an APB was issued on her. For the general public’s information, an APB or ‘All Points Bulletin’, is a broadcast containing information about a wanted suspect, missing person or a person of interest to the police for some other reason.

As the video shows, the officers state that the female was wanted for questioning, demanding she come out of (presumably) her home to follow them to the depot. While the female blatantly refuses to come out, admittedly using a considerable amount of words that had to be censored out of the video, the officers insist on taking her in.

The male in the video, presumably a friend or relative of the female, is shown trying to reason with the officers. He asks them to present the arrest warrant for his friend, even suggesting the woman to contact her lawyer. However, one of the officers states that they did not need a warrant after the tragedy of 9/11. The other replies with, “Oh shut the hell up about the [explicit] warrant,” before threatening the male with a citation for impeding officer duties.

As the Fourth Amendment of the US constitution states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Henceforth, the male in the video had the right to demand a warrant, seeing as the officers were just following up on an APB, rather than effecting an arrest to a crime they had personally witnessed. The police officers evidently disagreed, and the male officer shows his disapproval rather vividly. Clear as crystal, he can be seen in the video assaulting the man defending the girl’s rights with a blow to his genitals. Unsatisfied, he would proceed to set a boot down on his throat and choke him into unconsciousness.

Ultimately the video shows the female willingly following the officers out of the building, after being cuffed.

Obviously this video raises many questions, and not only as regards validity or lack thereof. It could after all be a fake, acted out scene, although the blow the male receives looks very convincing indeed, as does his reaction. But assuming the video is real, one could ask a number of other serious questions.

The most troubling of these questions to the writer of this article is whether the officers involved didn’t know the Law they are supposed to be upholding, or whether they were merely breaking it knowingly. Either possibility leads one to question the HPD. The choice is between corruption or ignorance, and neither seems fair to the people of Hathian. Whether the whole force suffers from either of these afflictions is up for debate, as it is possible the officers featured in this video happen to be the only two rotten apples in the department.

Setting aside the ignorance or dismissal of the officers regarding the need for an arrest warrant or the meaning of an APB, the video explicitly shows another fault with the law enforcers’ behaviour. One that has been reported many times before. This is the issue of police brutality, or use of excessive force.

The male officer is seen clearly as he brutally attacks the male’s crotch area, before proceeding to pin him to the ground with his boot by a rather sensitive and delicate spot on the human body – the throat. The seemingly foreign man is not shown doing anything that requires such use of force in the video. He was merely requesting the officers show an arrest warrant, which he has the right to do. But that doesn’t stop Hathian’s finest from inflicting potential permanent damage to the man’s reproductive organs, or potentially killing him by fracturing the hyoid or some other bone and damaging the larynx (an organ responsible for passing air to the lungs).
The officer then goes further with his shocking behaviour, by threatening to cause physical harm to the male if the female did not go with them without causing a fuss. HPD apparently have no qualms about making use of torture to get their way.

Most people in Hathian already lock and bar their doors to keep the criminals out. But it is tragic and sad that they must also lock and bar them from Law Enforcement Officers, who supposedly are there to serve and protect. Not only do the officers in this video shame themselves by forcing unauthorized entry into a US household and dragging away a potentially innocent US citizen in cuffs without a legal warrant. They shame the whole force.

The people of Hathian want a better-trained and less brutal Police Department. They need it, and they need to not have reason to fear it more than the criminals they are supposed to be fighting. The people of Hathian deserve a better PD.

Question is: Will they get it?

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