Lost Fanny Pack

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My son lost his black nylon fanny pack on Monday (August 9). It contains items valuable to his safety and my family. Fanny pack contents: 1 Sunkist orange, 1 Minute Maid fruit punch tetrapak, 1 Hershey’s, 1 disposable Motorola cell phone, 1 inhaler, 1 MedicAlert bracelet (he was supposed to be wearing it), 1 address book, $5 cash. He is unsure of whether he ate some of the items before the pack was lost. I cannot offer a monetary reward but please know that I’m a single mother and some of the items will be very expensive to replace for my family of five. I’d be happy to make you some of my grandmother’s jambalaya.


If found please call XXX – XXX – XXXX

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