Cannibal Captured! Trial Sunday!

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The horror has finally come to an end, with thanks and much appreciation towards Sargeant Dax Carver of the Hathian Police Department.

A few nights ago on the 3rd of August, Harley Riler, also known under the aliases of Harley Kill and Harley Jameson, was arrested for the Headless Harvester murders that rocked the city in March and April of this year after the discovery of human remains in the Gein Burger’s dumpster and food, which Riler managed.

Apprehended by Carver alongside Lt. Tori Best & Det. Baden Daines, she was found on the pier over looking the beach, where she was apparently waiting for the Sargeant.

“A few nights ago, some skulls and another body where discovered by the pier, which seemed to match the MO,” Carver explains. “I was out there last night for a follow up when I found Harley to be sitting there, seemingly waiting for me.”

Why would a serial murderer be waiting for one officer in particular? When asked if the two had history previous to the ongoing cases, the Sargeant strayed around the question like it was covered with cooties.

“Sure, we’re familiar with each other,” he said before instantly shuffling along to the next question.

But what kind of history? Was there a secret romance the man is too embarrassed to reveal anymore after what his possible former lover has done, or something as simple and likely as the fact that Riler is a well known jailbird who has flaunted the law for years?

An arrest was attempted, and Riler resisted, which included swinging a fire axe at the officer. They fell off the pier, and during all the commotion, the suspect somehow managed to get a hold of Carver’s police issued radio, and accordingly ‘said some rather self incriminating things on it’. The Observer was able to obtain a recording of the call.

“Niner Niner 10 47, this is 6 16 twenty two. I need backup for delivery of some fresh Officer Carver burgers stat!” Riler was heard as saying, which alerted fellow officers to come to the Sargeant’s aide.

With their help and that of a stungun, they were able to detain Riler and take her into custody, where she was hit with 35 charges. These included murder in the first degree, assaulting a police officer, and a myriad of charges relating to the Gein meat incidents, such as endangering the welfare of a child and attempted negligent homicide simply because pathogens left in the human remains could have infected any member of the public dining at the restaurant.

Of course, acts such as these won’t be taken lightly. The St. Bernard Parish District Attorney indicated they would be seeking the death penalty for the crimes.

When asked if he thought the DA would get what they were hunting for, the Sargeant had this to say: “She killed multiple people in this town, then dismembered them, and fed them to your friends, family, and colleagues. I can’t really reserve judgement, but take those simple facts into mind, and you have your answer.” Carver visibly grimaces from the pain of 15 stitches required to close the wound the serial killer put in his leg.

An insanity plea is always an option for Riler, but whether her lawyer will suggest it remains to be seen. Preparations for the trial are now underway, and a jury is currently being selected for one of the biggest trials Hathian has ever seen.

((Trial will be this Sunday, August 7th at 6pm SLT. If interested in being on the jury, please IM Harley Riler ASAP!))

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