Modeling agency looks for Hathian’s hidden ‘urban curves’

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A new modeling agency in town aims to bring a touch of glamour to Hathian’s pages (and indeed, a smile to its faces) by showing the girls of the city in a whole new light (no pun intended). Urban Curves, a new company on the edge of town brings together tasteful artwork and a touch of the risque vibe in an attempt to brighten up the vibe around town. The company is the latest business venture by local entrepreneur, Dr Kane Daffyd. As well as playing angel investor to local pro bono health schemes FeelGood Inc and MedReach, it seems Dr Daffyd has a penchant for the lighter side of life as well.

“Hathian can be a dark place, and it’s all too easy to think things are always the same. What better way to brighten things than the occasional glimpse of that girl you might have seen behind the counter at the cafe, or the woman who delivers your newspaper? An apple a day keeps the doctor away as we know…so a local honey a week ought to remedy a whole lot more!”

Girls appearing in the ‘Urban Curves’ column can be from any walk of life, and are handsomely reimbursed for their time and effort. Interested girls should contact Kane Daffyd on 555-3212 for a no obligation interview.

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