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A large crowd was gathered last night at the abandoned house behind the Bakery on Berthier Street after the unmistakeable sound of gunshots being fired were heard echoing outside of it. Apart from the many civilian onlookers trying to get a peek at what had happened, the area was swarming with Police Officers and members of the Fire Department, one of said onlookers reports.

“Was crazy I tell ya, shooting and people running all over the place and into and out of the building,” one particularly unreliable eyewitness informed our reporter. The fact remains though that something did happen in that forsaken structure, which caused the cooperation of a paramedic team and a great number of HPD members – at least four, another witness swears.

Inside sources from the HPD report that hidden in the basement of the building were three people – the two kidnapped females, 22 years and 3 months old respectively – and their kidnapper. While baby Taja, for whom a second Amber alert had had to be issued so quickly after the first, appears mostly to be unharmed by the criminal, Maliana Keenan is in critical condition comatose in the Recovery Room at Hathian General.

The report also states the kidnapper, identified as one Giovanni Moretti, was shot on site by rookie HPD officer Drew Taov when he was attempting to use his victims as hostages with two gunshots to the chest. A third gunshot was fired by the suspect as he succumbed that hit the woman’s thigh and continued to aggravate her condition.

Now that the situation seems to be over with, the natural question comes – will this bloody resolution be the end of Taja’s War, or do we have to endure more bloodshed and explosions?

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