HPD Press Statement

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“In the past few days you may have noticed a loss in property. Unfortunately there was a natural gas leak that caused these explosions. Rest assured the local natural gas company has informed us that all of the leaks were isolated incidents. Should you notice anything out of the ordinary with your gas lines, report it immediately contact 9-1-1.

In other news, crime continues to trend lower, the crime rate lowering another 17% from the past month. This can only be due to the hardwork of our men and women who are sword to uphold the law. Make sure to shake their hand and let them know how great of a job they’v been doing.”

Captain Joseph Ravinelli
Hathian Police Department

From the Lt.’s office, the Observer was also notified of the following exciting development within the HPD ranks:

“The new Anti Gang Unit being established to replace the former Anti Crime Team would employ only the most qualified officers and focus on Hathian’s most active and violent gangs. The mission of our Anti Gang Unit is to reduce gang crime and violence and improve the quality of life in our city. The Hathian Police Department plans to have the new gang unit establish and maintain a highly visible police presence in Hathian that are plagued by gang activity. The Anti Gang Unit will identify and focus their efforts on the most active and violent gangs in order to reduce the proliferation and organization of gangs. The department also plans to involve the community in fighting gang crime by teaching parents, juveniles and other organizations about the gangs and their activities. But the primary goals of the Anti Gang Unit are to reduce the fear of gang-related crime, reduce the number of individuals involved in gangs, and to conduct complete investigations and determine factual information to solve and seek full prosecution of gang-related crime. The department also plans to be more selective when choosing officers for the unit. An integral part of the Anti Gang Unit will be an added emphasis on the selection of only the most qualified officers for this duty. Only officers with a demonstrated history of professional conduct shall be assigned to the Anti Gang Unit.”

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