Three Killed in Gangland Violence

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Hathian – On April 14th, violence erupted on the west side of the city. Three individuals lost their lives due to the violent outbreak:  Lucas Bender, Ashe Hudson, and Levi Vaher.  All three were killed in a supposed gang war that involved the Rejects, Reavers, and Ace’s. A shootout incurred at the construction site, putting tragically putting several lives in harms way.

Witnesses say that it was allegedly Lars ‘Ace’ Calhern who set of an explosion, with what some believed to be a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG), virtually blowing the man to pieces.

It was also reported that automatic gunfire sparked up killing Ashe Hudson along with him, from the repercussion of the blast. Pook Skytower was allegedly witnessed as gunning down Levi Vaher, another Reaver and fellow friend of Lucas’.

While it is official unknown as to how all these people ended up in the same spot, some have spoken of the kidnapping of baby, who had been reported as being kept by Ace’s.  None of this has been confirmed by the PD.

Mr. Calhern’s lawyer is denying the allegations of kidnapping stating that his client was a “Family man and would never purposely put a kid in harms way.”  Calhern’s lawyer refused to comment on further allegations regarding the current charges his clients face.

Funeral services are said to be held, the details have not yet been released.

*Written in collaboration with Tre Marjeta
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