Police Standoff Ends in Violence

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Hathian – On the eve of Wednesday April 15th the Hathian Police Department (HPD) arrested key members of the renowned gang Ace’s Crew.  More than 50 shots were fired at this deadly fire fight at the old beach house by the airport on the north end of the city between the members of Ace’s and the HPD.

Lt. Morrisey, Sgts. Andel, Mactavish, Ferraris and Officers Plunkett, Sideshow, and Kozlov arrived on scene. In a statement released by the HPD it was said to be an apparent stand off with a possible connection to the gangland murders that occurred earlier that same night.

The two gang members, known as Lars ‘Ace’ Calhern, and Pook Skytower, are said to be charged with several counts of Murder and Attempted murder, as well as possession of illegal weapons and resisting arrest. The officers were tipped of by a child as to the were abouts of the suspects and quickly pursued.

Both Suspects and several officers were reported to sustain minor wounds as a result of the fire fight. EMTs arrived and treated the wounds before the suspects were remanded into the custody and were said to be in stable condition and the Officers are been reported to be back on duty at the time the statement was released.

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