Former Police Captain’s Grave Desecrated

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The grave of former Hathian City Police Department Captain, Durham Mahoney was horrifically desecrated in the early hours of the evening, Wednesday 10th December 2008.

The grave had been exhumed and the coffin disturbed, with traces of was presumed to be vomit in the coffin itself. Three suspects, one female and two male, the female and one of the males wearing ski masks and novelty glasses were seen fleeing the cemetery by the deceased Captain’s son, Durham Jr. Durham Jr. gave chase but was unable to apprehend the suspects, who may well be suffering gunshot wounds.  Durham Jr. described the incident as “ghoulish and a disgrace to the memory of a great man that dedicated his life to this city.

A spokesperson for the Hathian City Police Department was quoted as saying, “the Captain is still fondly remembered by some of the older officers in the department. Obviously a crime of this nature is deeply disturbing and we will make no small effort to apprehend the perpetrators.

Durham Jr follows in the footsteps of the great Captain and signed up with the CDPD as soon as he came of age. His father is remembered by the citizens of Hathian with mixed feelings. Captain Mahoney in his lifetime was awarded the highest number of medals for his diligence and remarkable ways in cleaning up the city of crime. Particularly remembered for his bravery during the riots of 2008 he was honoured with the Keys of the City after the event; an award that had been given to no man or woman for twenty years.

Anyone able to provide any information about this crime is encouraged to contact the police department. There may be a reward for any information that leads to successful prosecution of the offenders.

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