Student Housing Now Open

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Peenhook Park has now opened for business. Found in the new District of Black Bottom, walking distance from the location of the new college. We offer all the amities at a blow out rate. Use your parents money or your loan, or federal checks to pay for the following things that are included when rented.

  • Full Size Pool
  • Shaded Picnic area
  • Well lit street
  • Clean Rooms (two different sizes available)
  • Twice a week Trash Service
  • Laundry Room

Just think of all you can do with your own off campus place. Throw wild parties, take that hooker home to a clean bed.. hell even that drunk slut from that ΔΨΩ party. We are in close distant to everything that the college has to offer, including those pesky things called classes.

For more information please contact us at our location:

or feel free to call

Lars Calhern (555) 553 – 6859


Blu Caligari (555) 553 – 2799

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