‘Arson’ the New ‘Google’

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Hathian-Firefighters have been put to work over the past few days with a trend that has seemed to strike the city.  A fire bug seems to have hit the city in full swing.

“The fire department has been stretched to the limit with all of these fires” said a firefighter who wished to remain anonymous.

It seems to have started with the Titty Twister about a week or two ago, and then moved to Rader Records.  Rader was set on fire by an individual known around town a ‘Vic’ the self proclaimed protector of Hathian.  Though it seems that the Protector of Hathian seems to cause more violence, as there was a little girl trapped inside the fire alone.

The girl who will remain un-named was treated for smoke inhalation and was hospitalized over night at HGH.

The next day a car crash caused the Daily Grind to catch on fire.  It seems a drunk taxi driver crashed his car into the front window of the grind, causing gas to spill and ignite the building.  It is rumored that the Harbingers had something to do with this, though the reality is unknown about the situation.

Will your favorite hang out be next?  Please contact the Arson hotline at (1-800-END-ARSN) with any information on the above cases, or any suspicious activity

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