RIP – Barley Donnachaidh & Simona ‘Simi’ Annalora

Official HPD Statement

Statement By: Lead Investigator – Detective Sergeant Cade Morgan

Image: Murder Suspect Lucy Crow (Left) / Murder Victim Simona (Centre) / Murder Victim & Suspect Barley (Right)

Editor’s Note: This statement is carried unaltered, except for minor typographical changes (Spelling, Punctuation and other minor tweaks as well as images obtained via HPD contacts or Social Media). For those interested in contributing their own views of this story, or their memories or impressions of Barley, Simi or Lucy, reach out to Daiyu Tang, Hathian Observer. Updated: 10/06/24 – blackout insensitive comments ((Blackout is ICLY, although the words still appear if you select them OOCLY, they would not be visible to anyone who viewed this article for the first time post 10/06/24)

A tragedy occurred this past weekend. Some might consider it a blessing. I was called to the scene of a gruesome crime late Saturday evening after an anonymous 911 call reporting a woman screaming. Upon arrival at an estate on the fringes of Hathian, I came to the home of Barley Donnachaidh and Simona ‘Simi’ Annalora. Outwardly, it looked to be a stately, yet dark Victorian-style house, black with dark red trim. Everything looked well-manicured on the outside, though on further inspection the gardens contained a number of poisonous plants, hinting at the darker secrets the house held in store.

Once I entered the large ornate front door, which was also painted a darker shade of black than the rest of the house, I was immediately greeted by a skull on a little sideboard. It seemed fake, but upon further inspection it proved to be a real skull, later identified as a missing person who had been presumed dead many years ago. And the décor carried the same macabre theme, though there were clearly two different sides to the house. The public areas were neat and clean, yet the private areas showed a clear division of chaos versus order. One area was littered with bones. The other part of the house had skulls in a neat order but were unlabelled. The main levels of the house appeared to be empty, except for the presence of an 11 year old and two twin 6 month old babies, who were quickly taken by Hathian Civil Services while their next of kin is determined.


A glance out the back windows led us to the scene of the crime. Lucy Crow was found laughing hysterically with an ornate decorative knife near her that was covered in blood, as well as two bodies nearby, one headless with the head laying nearby, crudely chopped off with several slashes, apparently from the front of the neck to the back. This body was identified as Barley’s. The other, later identified as Simona, was stabbed 117 times by two different blades. One knife used was identified to be the ornate one found near Lucy and the blood of three victims, Barley, Simona and the nanny, was found on its’ decorative blade. The other was matched to the combat blade found near Barley’s body. There was only Simona’s blood on that blade, indicating Barley was only involved in Simona’s death on this tragic day.

There was a rope in a tree nearby, and all indications on social media point to a likely suicide attempt by Simona fueled by depression over personal circumstances, interrupted by a rage-filled attack by the other two involved based on the defensive wounds on Simona’s body and the cut marks on the palms of the other two, indicating a frenzied attack. There was also a bite of flesh taken out of Simona’s arm. The chunk of flesh was later found in the mouth of Barley’s decapitated head. Unfortunately the evidence points to Lucy being the one to have decapitated Barley for reasons unknown.

The Nanny as Well

A guest house was also hidden behind the main house in which the body of the nanny, who it was determined had been dead through stab wounds at least 24 to 48 hours prior to the others was found. There was evidence of a child having been present in the guest house, but there was no child present. Further investigation revealed that Lucy’s child had been with the nanny, and until Lucy can be questioned, the exact nature of the encounter cannot be determined. However there is credence to the conclusion that Lucy went after the nanny in order to regain custody of her child.

Cannibalism, Human Meat & Bones

The number of questions surrounding the nature of their deaths prompted a further investigation of the house, which revealed even more secrets in this house of horrors. The basement contained several deep freezers stuffed with vacuum sealed bags of human body parts, each dated and labelled. There was even a stack of freezer burned burger meat, likely made and then forgotten, which were tested and proven to be finely ground human flesh. DNA testing proved that these bodies were the remains of several missing persons.

These findings prompted testing of the bones found in the house. The ones that were chaotically laying around bore signs of cannibalism, and the teeth marks matched only Barley’s. A close inspection and tests of the neatly ordered skulls revealed no teeth marks and no signs of cannibalism which leads me to the conclusion that only Barley indulged in the taboo of cannibalism, though the evidence around the house being out so openly points to Simona as condoning and enabling this behaviour.

The shed in the back also lends credence to Barley being the one hunting down humans due to the extensive arsenal of weapons found there, as well as a butchery setup with all the instruments needed to process meat. It was a struggle to navigate the shed since booby traps were laid everywhere. HPD personnel had to proceed cautiously through the traps in order for us to fully process the shed. Apparently, this was a space that carefully protected so that if an unsuspecting person stumbled across it, they would not live to tell the tale.

A Monster Hiding in the Shape of a Woman

There was also a workshop on the premises that indicates Barley was more off her rocker than anyone previously thought, myself included. It does appear that cannibalism does rot ones brain and leads to increasing derangement, paranoia and a lack of logical thinking. Within her workshop—it was clear it was Barley’s by the state of organization—she was making bombs, on top of tinkering with various projects. Evidence was left behind regarding her past misdeeds: A huge house fire in Hathian that blew up FDH members and shut down the university, as well as details of a bridge bombing in Dead End that killed approximately 35 people. There were also detailed plans to blow up the entirety of Hathian with ‘hellfire’.

Lucy Crow

Lucy - the duchess at the Fight Night

And because Lucy Crow was involved in these deaths, as the only living adult witness and participant in these crimes, she was arrested and taken into custody, muttering “Red flags”, the only response she would give when interrogated. Her house was searched, and while she was clearly out of it at the scene of the crime, the only things found in her trailer speak of some kind of heartbreak between her and her ex, unfinished letters crumpled and tossed in the trash, possibly involving the child, of which there was evidence in the house. The location of the child has been determined, and the child is the care of a trusted friend.

In addition, there were pictures of her with Simona and Barley that indicate a friendship, which explains her presence at the house. And there was a kitsune mask present that indicate that Lucy may have been involved in some crimes of her own (Oh a Yuugen member as well, Fantastic – Ed). However, her life otherwise speaks of a quiet simplicity out of the spotlight, but with some stressors, which leads to the question of how she became involved in these gruesome affairs in the first place, and had she already not been stressed in her personal life, would she have participated in this crime?

For now, she is being held without bail, pending psychological evaluation to determine her mental capacity to stand trial, as well as attempts at further questioning under the guidance of a mental health professional to determine the exact nature of the crimes committed at Barley’s and Simona’s estate. The official statement I have received from her psychologist, who shall go unnamed to protect them from harm, is that Lucy suffered a mental breakdown and likely had a DID episode Therefore she is undergoing an intensive, long-term treatment plan with the goal of rehabilitation.

All of this leads to the conclusion that this was a house of horrors that bore evidence of a spiral downward into the darkness, a true darkness that haunts a few inhabitants of this city we all call home. If you have missing loved ones, please come to the station to submit DNA for comparative analysis in order to identify the remains. The remains found around their estate deserve respect.

If you knew Barley or Simona, memorials will likely be held at a date that is to be determined, pending the conclusion of this investigation.

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