Officer Pays Man To Taser His Member

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By: Venus Mari Zapedzki

A Hathian police officer paid a man sixty dollars to strip in public, across the street from the Pawn Shop, and allow himself to be tazed on Thursday. The officer, pictured in our title image and now known to be Officer Baskin subsequently misidentified herself, apparently to lay the blame for her behavior on a fellow-cop.

A passer-by filmed the incident and the Observer has been given access to the footage. The photos accompanying this article are stills from the film. There were also a number of other witnesses, including this reporter as a small crowd gathered around the scene.

The man, who has not been identified, was apparently willing to allow this Tazering in return for the money, since the cop, who allegedly initiated the transaction, initially proposed to pay ten dollars for the shocking event. The man responded by proposing sixty and this the cop agreed to this.

The man did not appear to have been in good condition, and may have been a down and out desperate for any cash he could get. This may well have been why the cop propositioned him.

The barbs of the tazer hit the man’s member, causing him to fall to the ground. Another man, possibly the victim’s friend, attempted to grab the cop but fell over right on top of the injured man. As this happened, the cop laughed at the men, accusing them of having a blowjob in public.

A doctor then turned up and tried to attend to the injured man. Noticing the crowd and the fact she was being videoed, the cop then gave the name of a serving police officer. However, the police officer named is known to the Observer staff and we can confirm the name was not hers.

We have sent the relevant part of the film to the Hathian Police Department with a request that they identify the officer concerned:

The HPD have replied: “That was not a case of Sexual Harassment, Officer Baskin is a long time officer in good standing and professional through and through. She found him to be with his penis exposed, then it turned into three men having sex on the corner. If anyone was sexually harassed, it was Officer Baskin.”

They have made no explanation as to why Officer Baskin named herself as another officer.

((Stills from the film by Milly Lane))

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