Holy Moly, Showing Some Love!

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Glamour Shot of Noah at the Holy Moly Donut shop she runs.
The Cutest Southern Treat in The Shop, Ready to Dish Out Pastries!

After the horror at Hathian General Hospital, many are doing their part to help the first responders, HGH staff, and patients. Some move rubble, some tend to the wounded to aid the doctors and nurses, and some sit and talk to the wounded to keep them company. Hidden behind the Triage tents, Holy Moly Donuts wants to help ease that burden with the aid of southern-tinged donuts.

The new boss of Holy Moly, Ms. Noah Rose, is offering a significant discount to all the aforementioned. Hospital staff, first responders, and patients. What is better than a tasty crème brûlée donut with a crispy glaze to offset that delicious, sweet filling? Why not two?! Originally intended for new customers, the current Buy One Get One offer has been extended to First Responders, HGH Staff, and patients!

Noah combines her Southern cooking know-how with the simple pleasures of a donut to bring a constantly shifting rotation of specialty pastries. This, the first week of opening, she presents as temporary additions the “Pecan Pie Donut” and the “Banana Pudding Donut.” Having tried these first hand, the pecan captured its pie cousin’s sticky sweet southern charm, while the banana pudding was subtle yet flavourful.

When asked about her intentions for this place, Noah stated, “My goal is to instill a sense of community around the store, to be a safe and fun place for all ages. I plan to have donut decorating days for the kids at Seaside and try to be a positive influence. Donuts are happy treats, so I want people to be happy when they come here.” A noble goal indeed. With Hathian streets being dangerous, a safe haven for the youth and at-risk is a much-needed respite in this city.

Whether you come down to heal at the triage, find a safe haven, or are just looking for a nice chat, the Holy Moly Donut shop has you covered. Stop in, say hello, and enjoy a sweet treat with a warm smile to go with it. Be sure to check in every now and then and see what simple wonders Ms. Noah Rose has ready for you. This reporter is crossing her fingers for strawberry Cheesecake filling!

To all those healing and being healed, God Bless and Stay Safe.

Alia C. Nelson, The Observer

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