OPINION: Eyes Wide Shut! You Can Say That Again!

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by Cadence St Clare

Editor’s note: The following opinion does not reflect the the views of the Hathian Observer and its Editorial Board.

It’s October! That time of year when the leaves of trees are changing color. The air is playing a game of back and forth between warm and cool. That time of year when many of us are pulling out those cedar chests and dusting off our boots and stylish leather jackets! Yes! Fall has arrived and settled upon Hathian like turkeys on eggs!

However, fall is also the season of Halloween. That time of year when children dress as ghouls, goblins and demons, to scare candy out of generous adults. Yes, Halloween, that spooky season where we start to see horror marathons and replays of “Friday the 13th” plastered across our television screens. A time that was meant to be something fun and festive for children.

Yet somehow, the morally BANKRUPT and the sinfully corrupt have found yet another way to taint something innocent. For right here in Hathian, within our own backyards, right in the heart of suburbia there is a night club holding an “Eyes Wide Shut Party.” You read this right. Eyes Wide Shut! The movie starring two prominent actors about a doctor who dives into the dark and depraved world of satanic rites and sexual promiscuity. A doctor who is married, but despite being married, finds himself in a downward spiral of sexual corruption. From prostitution to group orgies! Not to mention the scene where two adults are caught with a young girl who looks like a minor. And this is the theme for the party being held at the Twister club! If you think that’s bad, it actually gets worse! Spanky’s is hosting a Haunted House and have deemed it the title “Spanky’s Halloween Hella-Weekend Haunted House of Harlots and Horror.”

Hathian what has happened to us? Where have your morals gone? Have we truly become a Nation that is so far gone, that our little ones cannot enjoy a simple Holiday without their parents defiling it? Is this truly what we have become as a Nation and as a people? I have never agreed with the celebration of Halloween in any form, as I am Christian and it goes against what I believe, however even with that being said and me having that stance, I still feel that for those who do celebrate it, it should be kept clean and wholesome for our children. A child has such a short time as a child before the world bombards them with harsh realities that dissolves the sacredness of their innocence. Why on earth would we as parents aid in that process by defiling Holidays meant for them? But try explaining that to the morally bankrupt and spiritually corrupt!

Hathianites I say to you here and now that you must not stand for this! You must rise up to denounce these “Dens of Devils!” These “Factories of Fornication!” These “Buildings of the Botttomless pits!” We need you now even more so then ever. We can’t leave the task to our Politicians, or to our Law Enforcement. It is our duty, both yours and mine to protect the innocence of our children! It is our duty, and our mission from God, to ensure that our children are brought up properly and guided by our hand to become moral upstanding citizens. Young boys who grow into men who know how to respect women and provide for a family. Instead of uneducated men standing on a corner selling drugs. Little girls who grow up to be capable and formidable housewives, instead of a tart sliding down a pole for 2 dollars! This is the crossroads we have come to in this Nation. Where we must choose between right and wrong, and if you choose to do nothing and turn a blind eye…it may very well be YOUR child who suffers the gravest consequence. And why? All because YOU decided during this time right here, right now…when you should take action… you chose to leave your vision and “EYES… WIDE SHUT.”

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