Leather & Lace Street Dance On Bourbon

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People of Hathian it is PARTY TIME on Bourbon Street!!… Woah!! hold on, before you close down the website to your favorite local newspaper and log out of your computer, you’ll need to know the where, and when.

The Titty Twister will be hosting a Masked Leather & Lace Street Dance on Bourbon Street on Saturday, February 12th, 2022, between the times of 3 pm SLT and 7 pm SLT.

There will be a contest for the best dressed in Leather and/or Lace along with drinks a grill/bbq and of course, it is hoped that other local businesses will also be part of what should be a great celebration of everything that makes not just Bourbon Street but this part of Hathian such a rich and vibrant part of the city.

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