Reporter Attacked by Kogarashi AGAIN!

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It would seem that our intrepid reporter Joanne Steel can’t buy a break as she was hospitalized again, mere hours after being released from Hathian General Hospital, after being attacked right here in the Hathian Observer Office, only for her to run into the same member of the Kogarashi partway down Bourbon Street and get herself attacked again!

It is believed Miss Steel and the Kongarashi Member got into a heated argument, words were exchanged, and well if you know our reporter, then you’ve probably wanted to stab her ass too. Unfortunately for her this time rather than someone just thinking it, they actually did it and Miss Steel was slashed across the stomach about an inch deep, though it missed vital organs, it required medical treatment at the General Hospital.

She then staggered up towards our office before collapsing close to the radio station while bleeding heavily from her wounds, it is believed she lost so much blood she had to be given a transfusion in the ambulance and again at Hathian General. As yet Miss Steel has not spoken to the police but from the description she gave, it is believed the female assailant is a woman wearing armor which she describes as being like an Iron Man outfit and it is expected an APB will be put out on one Pepper Potts.

Miss Steel is expected to make a full recovery though she is expected not to return to work till fully recovered or she uses up the last of her annual leave, whichever occurs first. The Observer will not be intimidated by local gangs just because of the bad decisions of one reporter, even if she does have some valid points, and we will continue to present the news in a factual and unbiased manner, and rest assured it could be worse, we could be F*X.

The Hathian Observer would like to remind Miss Steel that we DO NOT pay medical bills, and if she keeps getting herself hospitalized then the unauthorized time off work WILL be deducted from her wages.

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