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The Hathian Theater, located on Hathian Hwy across from Gein Burger, is now under of new management of Tala Coletti. As an artist with a deep appreciation for the fine arts, Coletti hopes to bring the theater back to life. She has always thought it was shameful that the theater was never used to its full potential.

One plan in the works is movie nights. Coletti said, “I have spoken to several directors around the area. [I’m] looking to try and set up movie premieres here.” The theater is also available to any artists who want to stage a concert, and Coletti has plans for a stage production as well, though she declined to name specific plays. Her main goal is to make the theater a fun gathering place for the community, a place that families can enjoy and be proud of.

Coletti, an artist who paints, dances, and sings, has lived in Hathian for about five years. She is originally from Seattle, where her biker dad was the mayor for a brief period of time. Coletti was traveling with friends when she found Hathian and decided to stay. She has since met a man, married him, and had a child with him. Her Hathian roots are deep.

While Coletti has no experience managing a movie theater or staging productions, she doesn’t view her lack of experience as problematic. “I will get it done,” she said. Currently, the only staff is the ((NPC)) bartender. Coletti plans to add staff as needed, though anyone is welcome to come and fill out an application at any time.

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