Letter to the Editor: Hero Cops

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By: Michiaki Yamaguchi, Youth Reporter Photo
Hathian Squad car police chase in the city.

Recent events have shown that within Hathian, even some police officers can be called heroes! In todays world where cops are vilified, we have some right here in our small town that can truly be called Heroes! From giving people fake citations, to arresting people with mental disorders, these officers are truly pillars of the community! At least in their own delusional minds. Take in such one of these Self titled “Heroes” who was seen having a nervous breakdown at what seemed to witnesses and a harmless prank and heard screaming at a young person ” IM A F*CKING HERO!!”. These officers truly believe they are heroes.

I can not speak for the mental health of this self proclaimed “Hero.” A few days before, she was seen laughing with drunk and naked civil servants. On the night in question of her total nervous break down, she was seen leaving Lou’s bar in uniform.

Citizens of Hathian, with all the real troubles we have in our town, the HPD pays to have such mentally imbalanced Peace officers patrolling our streets. I call on you citizens of Hathian to start reporting these so called “hero” cops. Don’t report them to their superiors but to social media outlets. Remember what is important, “WE THE PEOPLE!” Stand united nothing can keep us down!


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