Hung Men and Women Found Under Overpass

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Hangman’s Pass lived up to its name on August 15th when five nude victims were discovered hanging from the overpass.

Three females and two males dangle by ropes upon their necks. A few still had their warm color, suggesting death was as recent as the incident. All victims displayed grievous wounds. Cuts, gashes, burns, amputations, and disfigurement were common.

One Hathian police officer witnessed and recorded the hangings from the nearby Titty Twister on Bourbon St. The officer did not intervene in the crime.

Hathian police and a single K-9 unit appeared to secure the site and gather evidence. A scent was traced to the overpass, but then lost.

Victims were cut down and escorted to Hathian General hospital.

An investigation by the Hathian Police Department is pending.

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