Former Mayor Shades Kogarashi Supremecy

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More letters and comments flood the Hathian Observer inbox regarding the KOGARASHI TO REIGN SUPREME? (A LOOK AT HATHIAN PAST AND PRESENT) story written by reporter Katherine Cross.

Former Hathian mayor, Antoni ‘Karn’ Annaloro, admonishes esteem for the Kogarashi as was written in the article. Taking personal slight, Annaloro also addresses misnaming his late wife, Clio Annaloro.

I take insult to some of the matters addressed in the aforementioned article. First of which the mention of my wife “Clio Crow” whom, if it had been researched at all, would have been known as Clio Annaloro; legally at least, though she had taken to calling herself Clio Clary after some personal matters between husband and wife. 

Onward. A little excerpt from the article. 

“Where are the others? Self ostracized with their heads buried in the proverbial sand? Lurking on social media, eating Cheetos, and drinking a Bud, like the many Adachi family accounts we’ve all been seeing? Hiding in their cubby holes, perhaps? Or did they leave to seek other, more subservient lands?”

Now I have to admit, being a self admitted law abiding citizen, even I took offense to this. Head buried in the sand? No, I have a one year old son to raise, as a single parent now that his mother is dead, and one with a sense of responsibility. Thus, not out there looking to get into trouble. 

Lurking on social media? Perhaps, one must always keep themselves in the know.

Cheetos? Gods no, that is possibly the most insulting. Some of us have taste.

Bud? Who the (expletive) do you think you are? Who would actually subject themselves to that torture? 

The worst though, I have to admit, it took all I had not to arm myself and go to find the writer of the previous article, and give said (expletive) talker, a reason to understand why one should not consider poking a hornet’s nest. But cooler heads prevailed. Stupidity should not be punishable by death after all, as if it were, there would be very few living people.

“Hiding” Oh how i wish others take to playing a nice forced game of “Hide the Sausage” with the one who claimed that those of us who decided to be actual adults, are actually in fact hiding.

As for this Kogarashi, and its apparent supremacy-who the hell is the Kogarashi? I’ve never even heard of them. 

With all my regards,
Your Former Mayor
Antoni ‘Karn’ Annaloro 

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