HPD Under Fire for Inmate Set Ablaze

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Hathian Police Department inmate Aria Senesca was taken from her cells, tied to a stake, and set on fire in the HPD parking lot by officers, apparently under orders from the higher ranks of the HPD itself. It is understood the female prisoner was under arrest for murder allegations over a cop who allegedly mistreated and physically assaulted a teenager that Ms Senesca happened to know.

In full view of a large group of citizens, who gathered once they witnessed the woman being set on fire, Captain Bishop of the HPD precinct ordered officers to fire on any citizen attempting to help save and spare Ms Senesca’s life. Word was spread via social media—namely Twitter—about the horrific incident.

One man, believed to be Hathian Observer reporter Mr Abu Muhammed, was declared dead at the scene after being shot during the skirmish, by an officer.

” ..It was totally on twitter.  Her up on the post and everythin’,” one witness  told the Hathian Observer, adding, “I saw the thing on Twitter. And go..to my friend  ‘Holy Fuck, dude, they’re burnin’ Aria,’ and he’s like ‘Dude we’d better get down there,’ and I’m thinking the dude just wants ta watch her burn ’cause her and my friend don’t get along so good.  But when we get there, he jumps right in and starts fuckin’ kickin’ the logs out.  And I’m like ‘dude!  what the fuck?’ but he was right ta do it.  It was Jedi.  That’s why I done it too,”

The witness was shot at by officers after kicking at the logs burning Ms Senesca, but ended up surviving and has been recovering. The witness also stated, “People think I did it cause I must love Aria.  I don’t.  I did it ’cause they [HPD] can’t do that kinda shit.  Burn people without a trial or nothin’…its fuckin’ fascist, man.  And they sure as hell can’t fuckin’ shoot people fer tryin’ ta stop it.  That reporter is a martyr.”


Another witness recounts, “Once I was there, seein’ ‘em ligh’ tha’ fire under Aria, I see a man go forwar’—star’ kickin’ logs ou’ the way… another man.. doin’ the same. People was yellin’ wha’ they think o’ the PD, nothin’ good—vigilante style thing they doin’. So yeah… I jus’ kinda followed these men, they was on the other side from me, an’ it was smoky. Couln’t see f’er a bit, but then shots star’ goin’ off—I saw one man ge’ hit an’ go down, so I hit the deck… an’ another go flyin’ through the fuckin’ air a’ tha’ pole to knock Aria down.”

This witness also states, “That Cap’n was in the back—but he did comman’ his officers a’ the beginnin’, when they lit the fire. Say somethin’… somethin’ ‘bout teachin’ lesson I think.” They also recalled that one officer came out with an extinguisher, but only one and after Ms Senesca had suffered burns to her body.

This image and others were taken by bystanders witnessing the incident

The crowd were largely unarmed and seemed to pose no threat, but were responding to the view of a woman being set on fire in the police parking lot by police themselves.

Gunshot victims were transported to the hospital by an EMT at the scene. One male victim is comatose and suffering intensive injuries, although the main victim Ms Senesca seems to have survived the ordeal and is recuperating from her own extensive injuries.

With citizens taking to social media to tweet over the incident, the HPD is yet to come out publicly with any kind of statement or even any confirmation of the event. A report viewed by the Observer shows that the HPD appear to be stating there were no witnesses and no victims, and are as indicated by the report, issuing APBs out on those who were at the parking lot attempting to save Ms Senesca from dying, going so far as to identify them as “suspects” as if they committed a crime. Arrests have yet to be made, however, although there does seem to be an order for APBs to be put out.

It remains to be seen how affected Hathian’s citizens are by these disturbing acts of violence, and whether the PD will suffer any repercussions for the actions that have recently taken place.

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